We design products that guide good habits to simplify a healthy routine.

Our Products


Guides technique

Feature only what your teeth need, and nothing they don't.

The key to keeping up a healthy routine? Using products you actually enjoy using.


Elevates routine

Quarterly refill plans deliver fresh supplies on time.


Automates upkeep

Refresh your routine


Electric Toothbrush


Guided brushing

Built-in two-minute timer with 30-second pulses to switch quadrants.

Refill plans

We’ll deliver a fresh brush head every 3 months.


Suction mirror-mount doubles as stand and travel cover.


Replaceable/rechargeable AAA battery-operated handle means no bulky chargers or wires.




Effortless packing

Flexible silicone shell and handle.

Stay organized & oh so fresh

Opens flat to pack, straps hold quip products in place with zippered pockets for accessories.

Looks slick

Easy to clean material, and hook included to hang the bag out of the way.


Refillable Floss


Retractable top

Space-saving, and travels clean.

Pre-marked string

The floss string expands to help clean between teeth and is marked to guide you to use just enough (18” to be exact).

Reusable dispenser

Slim, sleek, and helps reduce plastic waste.

Refill plans

We’ll deliver fresh floss refills every 3 months.


Anticavity Toothpaste



We designed our paste with the right amount of fluoride, and no needless or abrasive additives.


Helps prevent cavities with minty fresh flavor.


Our toothpaste comes in 3-month home size, and a two-week travel size for on-the-go brushing.


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